Sunday, March 27, 2011

Team Progress Report 3.28.2011

Hey guys, its been a crazy few weeks for some of us. We had spring break, which coincided with the whirlwind of SXSW, then a week of nursing off our collective hangover and catching up on work. We plan on making another post about our SXSW shenanigans (hint: it involves a Voltron party), but in the meantime, here is this weeks progress report.

Still chipping away at this painting, a commission for a friend of mine. Its 4ft tall and 5 ft wide and I definitely underestimated the amount of labor that goes into filling this canvas with the detail required for this particular piece. I probably mentioned it in a previous post, but the idea is that it will be the NY Stock Exchange...(over)ran by zombies. Here is my latest progress shot:

I also completed another clothing design, which I sported at SXSW, but I will include those photos in another post.

Other than that, Im going to start working on a new design for the blog, so These Floating Worlds should be getting a face-lift in the near future!

Recently I have been working non-stop on a new portrait. The subject is an artist acquaintance of mine. I wanted to paint someone in a pose reminiscent of paintings of an 'Enlightened' figure. Paintings wanting to portray this would usually have the figure sitting or standing next to a desk, usually surrounded by iconography that showed us that the figure was educated such as books, scientific equipment, or maybe even a statue of Athena for good measure. There is a series of paintings done by Francisco Goya of an acquaintance of his named Gaspar Jovellanos. Jovellanos was seen as a figure of the Spanish Enlightenment, and unfortunately for him the Spanish enlightenment did not take off as it did in other countries at the time, this can be seen in the series of works by Goya. The earlier paintings of this man portrayed him upright, standing at attention and surrounded by enlightenment iconography, where as the enlightenment in spain began to falter the portraits showed him sitting, hand supporting his head, the iconography in disarray or partially hidden in the background, showing what could be called a tired enlightened man.

In my portrait I wanted a bit of both, a young subject intently studying, but looking as though the weight of enlightenment is slowly beginning to wear him down.

FishMoto has entered beta testing and things are going well. Lots of bugfixes and usability improvements. I've also added support for Game Center leaderboards and achievements. I've been making final art for the menus and interface. You can see a sample below:

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