Monday, March 7, 2011

Progress Report 3.6.2011

Howdy everyone, hope you all have been having a great week, the weather has been great (at least in Austin!) and Spring Break is coming up for those less fortunate among us who are still in school.

Mike - I have mainly been studying for mid-terms but managed to post a quick abstract on a film I have been writing here and would love some criticism, ideas or whatever comments you would like to make since it is my first real attempt at writing a film and is a major chance for experimentation. I have been working on scene cards but my drawing skills are pretty poor, so I will have one of my more adept friends help make those presentable sometime soon! I have also been plotting out a couple of other things to do on a rainy day with Justin , namely experimenting with woodblock or linocut printing of images I take around Austin (here's a link to his blog post on the topic.) I have never done anything like this, but have always had a fascination with manual printing of this sort (seeing original prints in the old Edo museum in Tokyo probably had something to do with it), and figure it would be a good excuse to explore my city a bit more. That's it for me this week, I hope to have some pictures and concrete stuff to show you by next week; I've been working on getting things prepared this weekend as we spring clean, and I am very excited to finally start putting some ink to paper.

Justin - Progress on the art has been slow -- haven't had as much time to work on it as I would have liked, but the screenshot shows you what I'm working with now. The subtle lines you see in some of the taextures actually animate to give the look of each frame being drawn by hand -- an effect that needs to be seen in motion. I also totally reworked my level select menu to better suit mobile platforms and am currently tweaking the physics to be a bit friendlier. I also have background objects procedurally placed (clouds seen in screenshot) and drift around.

Taylor - This week I'm posting a painting I have been working on, It's mostly finished but I want to go back in and tweak a few more things. I need to even out the eyes on the figure and work on some more detail of the dog on the left. I have been seeking critique from as many different sources as I can and I think I'm going to loosen up my style a little. I feel that I am getting bogged down worrying too much about small details, where the end product winds up taking much longer than I would like and in some cases just looking muddy. I also want to experiment with a more varied color palette.
Detail of the dog on the right.

Christina- I am working on a few new clothing designs this week, in hopes of having some new custom clothing to wear to SXSW and the Etsy meeting down in Austin. Ill definitely post some pics of the results. I finished a new shirt earlier this week, photos are in my previous post!

(3/7/2011 edit: Happy Birthday Mondrian! -mike)

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