Monday, February 21, 2011

An Introduction: Christina!

Hi guys, my name is Christina Day and I am a 24 year old visual artist. I recently graduated from the University of North Texas with a double-BFA in New Media (Electronic) Art and Drawing/Painting. As an artist my work is informed by both the deep historic tradition of channeling our creative energy onto a surface via pen, pencil, paintbrush etc, as well as the more recent phenomenon of computer generated artwork, and all of the philosophy that entails.

My subject matter evolves pretty quickly, but on average I am interested in portraying human figures and portraits in surreal or minimal environments and situations that allow the figure to become a surrogate for myself and my viewers.

In this way I can explore aesthetic representations of psychological states of liminality: how we craft our sense of identity around our current occupations, locations and social surroundings, and how we struggle to define ourselves when we are caught in-between these defined states of existence.
Here are some notable pieces:
The River Styx (2010)  24x36 Graphite on Stonehenge paper

A Means to an End No. 3 (2010) 11x15 Charcoal, birch panel, concrete inside a constructed shadow box

Sisters (2009) 24x48 Graphite and Oil Paint on Birch Panel

I think that as an artist, its important to continue to hone your inner sensibilities with a constant hunger for new information and experiences. I was introduced to film photography a few years ago and it has really become a passion. I owe a big thanks to Mike for my first camera, a Minolta SRT-101, and my dad for his Canon AE-1, that has accompanied me when I travel around the US and my time in Japan. I try to travel whenever I can afford it as it irreversibly shapes my worldview and helps me grow as an artist and a person.
Asakusa, Tokyo, Canon AE-1
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC, Canon AE-1
Mori Museum of Art, Tokyo, Canon AE-1

I also, upon receiving a sewing machine for Christmas, have been learning to make clothes in my free time. Its fun and relaxing, and I am interested to see where it takes me.

Skills that I pimp:
Custom Artwork, Graphic Design, Illustration, Original Drawings and Paintings, Flash development and Animation, Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite and Maya 3-D rendering software

Obligatory interests and influences list:
Photography, Social Media, Interactive Media, Time-based media, Communication, Advertising, Entrepreneurship, Web Design, Travel, Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology, Ethics, Biology, Astrophysics, Environmental Ethics, Art History, Russian History, Japanese History, Propaganda, Cold-War History, Space-Age Design, Literature, Film, Music, Craft

Obligatory links to my other web-presences:
$$- Etsy Shop
Deviant Art

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