Monday, February 21, 2011

Intro: Justin

I'm Justin, 24 years old -- graduated from UNT in 2010 with a BFA in New Media Art and a minor in Japanese. I consider myself an artist but definitely think against the grain -- I believe the art world has a tendency to over-think the simplest ideas. I think creating successful art boils down to creating things other people can be entertained by, so that's my goal with any art I create. I'm now following my dream trying to start up a small independent video game studio (Overpowered Games).

You can play a game I made called SpaceJunk on (click image above) -- it's an online first person shooter that takes place in zero gravity. Although I don't consider SpaceJunk finished (mainly because ugly placeholder assets make up all of the art for the game), I've turned my focus to work on smaller, more profitable projects. I'm now working on an iPhone game called fishMoto that I'll be writing about often on this blog in the short term.

Apart from video games, I dabble in a few more conventional art forms and, when I have the time, I'd like to continue creating interactive installations. Bellow are some links to some of my previous work:


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